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Is a ninety two and I was in the house central Los Angeles yes I was I was ten at the time I do remember that time of one rest from ninety two then to ninety four with what was going on with OJ and all of that I mean I do have a memory of that because nineteen ninety four I have vivid memories of United's twelve at that point obviously with the Knicks and Rangers all that was going on I do remember that but but yeah I mean also you know at the time it being so far away it was a hell of a lot different than your knowing businesses and knowing streets and stuff like right now at the age I am now it feels so much more personal of course what's going on right now than when I was ten and it was happening on the west coast I couldn't really understand the gravity of those LA riots until I got older and and read more about it so yeah I mean there's it's tough to compare these things that go on I know you mentioned before this is one of the strangest errors you have ever gone through and and all the things that he's seen in his time at WFA and that this is the strangest and the oddest yes sometimes there's that recency bias with things where you think that whatever is going on right in the moment is the worst of the best thing that you've ever experience but I do have to say that the fact that we have been home doing shows for three months over three months and are close to three months and now we're talking about you know rioting in the streets in this multiple cities for multiple days and this raging pandemic a we've got no sports to talk about that it's gonna be tough to top this one that asteroids gonna have to come to top this one I would think so yeah you know I I you know you just just when you think something is finished overweight then you're starting to come out of it and get ready to re open New York City and open the state and open New Jersey and the governor announces summer camps can go forward and things of that nature but all right there's there's a tinge of good news but then all of a sudden it did basically becomes a part of you know what is happening in society today and then you have a multiple faceted situation where I don't I don't know I don't know if there are enough crisis management classes in any school to teach this and how to handle this and how to react to it right well because not every decision is gonna be the right decision they're gonna be a lot of decisions that lead to a lot of mistakes and and in all of these aspects also being a curriculum from now on that's for sure you know mostly all without question in the history books for the rest of time all right boomer NGO on the fan and CBS sports network why tell you about Jack one physical therapy they've now launched tele therapy throughout all their locations and here's how it works if you're unwilling or unable to attend your in office physical.

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