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Maggie After this, His career with the Bears is over, which is gonna be over how he's gonna continue to get a job somewhere else. This is such a nem Barris ng moment for him. The sky that's journeymen often coordinator comes to the Bears. He's calling the plays now, and he's doing better than the offensive guru that we paid. To come over here and change the culture of the bears. I mean, the dog data city that this man can sit there and tell the media that Yeah. We are. Finally we're gaining a moment where we're getting an identity. No, Mr Nagy, you are the master of mismatches on your own team. In the red Zone. Hey, let's take out Jimmy Graham and put into Rico it Hey, let's put on this guy over here. He's the master of mismatches of his own team, and in a negative way. Hats off the bill laser. I don't think he's gonna be here next year. But what this team needs is attention to detail next year, and our name has been out there for years. That hasn't get on the Smith. Days. Tom. He has Chicago. He has Chicago connections. He got an interview in 2012 Guess we picked Trestman. Saved home. I wouldn't mind it. Special teams throw Gotta Devin Hester into the Probo got plenty of people in the Pro Bowl. And the thing that Chicago bears is missing is attention to detail and the thing that's been missing is You noticed? When the lack of talent is there when you're special teams, guys, your your gunners. There is no gunners on this team. It's creates Patterson and that's it. I haven't heard any big time tackles coming out of the specialty. Any fumble recoveries, anything like that, And that is a direct identity of your talent of the team. Sure we have these these these guys and these skilled position. Well, the special teams we have no one has as yet. Has sniffed the highlight of the week on special teams, and I'm telling you that is so underrated in the league. I tell you what. I don't know where our special teams is, but I bet you it's not very good. And if I if I'm the GM of the Bears I want to go look out there and see what kind of guys out there. That has attention to detail like this because That is what we're lacking. Where the most penalty penalized team in the NFL for a reason. Have a good night, guys. Thank you, Dave. Appreciate the phone call Johnson and Avondale. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Jonathan? Hey, How's it going, Guys? Yes. So the comparison for Mitch Stravinsky and NFL career So far, I want to compare him to Marcus Mario to from the Tennessee Titans. You take a look at their spot almost identical. So you could only guess where tradition is gonna end up. You're gonna be a second string quarterback somewhere else for our quarterback sake. I would say the bear should probably try to go out and get a Damn Donald from the jet, because obviously the Quarterback from the Dolphins. When the Tennessee Titans pick him up seems to be doing pretty well now, so I think our quarterback problems are In the future might be solved. If we try to go pick up Sam. Donald. I'll leave it to you guys. What do you think? Thanks, Jonathan. Fight on. I agree. Joe and journey You're on ESPN 1000. Hey, are you guys doing We're good man. What's up? Not that I just called about the car. A couple calls it goes staying, You know, lasers genius, But he gave up play calling two weeks ago and have played against what the 32nd ranked defense in the league. You're not Pee wee football team I coach could've ran ran the ball against them. I mean, I think paste Maggie the home He dropped Will echo his sentiment and say that Travis Key did not play that well..

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