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That lower deck route ones wide open through Saugus and revere. No troubles to report over on route three Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. Let's check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Right now, a wet start to the week Kuru this afternoon with still a few showers. Lingering temperatures in the forties an evening shower in a few spots tonight. Otherwise, cloudy overnight, lows in the low forties. Tuesday will be cloudy, brisk and chilly. A couple of showers around Tuesday afternoon tough afternoon for the Red Sox opener a high temperature of forty six degrees, Wednesday, blustery and chilly with clouds and sunshine at times with a Wednesday high of forty eight degrees and finally some sunshine on Thursday with a Thursday high of fifty three degrees. Twelve o five now on WBZ. The town of Hopkinton is where it all starts for the Boston marathon this year, a new tradition will begin there as well. WBZ's James Rojo's is at the marathon starting line. This fight the rain officials with a town and with the marathon picked up pain rollers literally marking the start of a new tradition. Put a damper on this forest, but this vent in the subsequent paintings been two years in the making John Katina with the Boston Athletic Association helped with the inaugural painting of the blue line the three blue lines, but not only designate the race state route for the runners we'll take Hopkinton to Boston. Also so highlight Hopkinton stewardship of the start can the first mile the most prestigious marathon, they painted on a black tarp as a symbolic gesture crews will be back Wednesday when the weather's better to paint the actual road in Hopkinton James throw, Haas and WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio twelve o six on WBZ to disasters thousands of miles away. Could impact the travel schedules domestic US flyers late into the spring ABC's. Jim Ryan is in Dallas Fort Worth the hometown of American airline. American Airlines has been canceling nearly a hundred flights a day because the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight was the scheduled aircraft that model has been grounded after a pair of fatal crashes. One in Ethiopia the other in Indonesia American initially planned to end the cancellations on April twenty fourth but now plans to extend them until June fifth..

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