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The city of los angeles because they're also applying to the city of los angeles for extended tunnels and this man blew my mind this map made me excited only because they did not leave the san fernando valley out which i was a holy expecting to happen isn't that sweet it's so this goes from the long beach airport in the south with stops it carson torrance lawn dale inglewood culver city uco lay the getty museum and sherman oaks these are just the exit points along the main artery in and then there's all of these um signed arteries i should say where they called the calm spurs spurs spurs to ucla santa monica dodger stadium union station the staples center u s c a ellie stadium hawthorn south bay un believable lex i shouldn't leave la ex out and so the plan that and i'm not even gone to the show notes here yet but the plan is that this be a public access tunnel and i thought to myself what god so i had a parts this out i took some time it looks as if they're going to use the pods which we've all seen in the video game of the boring company you can go to a boring company website uh which is part of space x and see it and it's like this glass enclosed four wheeled pod it holds something like six and between eight and sixteen passengers that's the public version so you can get in and out of a pod go through the boring tunnel and get out it's actually now called the loop called the loop which is considered an electric vehicle traffic tunnel so there will be no ice cars in there but if you own at tesla i suspect uh your tesla we'll get to go in foreign companies really loop yes think well they show tesla's going in it by the bids but have to sit on a on a sled correct you won't be driving in will not only driving around you just better buckle up cassettes.

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