Monmouth University, President Trump, Senate discussed on America's Morning News


His own tweets that are causing so much trouble if he would remove about a third of them still communicate directly with voters because people like to see that if we she ate it but he should be focused on economy and untaxing gold fake news none of that stuff distract us didn't help him in fact i'd argued hurts him because it allows the media to focus on things that are less important so speaking of factors new poll out from monmouth university do the media report fake news regularly or occasionally seventy seven percents so yes this is not the graphic we're looking for hold off down please seventy seven percents say sell those those who do it on purpose to push an agenda fortytwo percent by accident oh poor fact checking twenty six percent those are pretty startling numbers has donald trump won his campaign to make everyone's saying we are washing fake news in a word yes yes and the impact of that i think is significant because how do you hold a president accountable how do you hold a congress how do you hold the democrats accountable if nobody trusts anyone now the fact is we get our news to affirm rather than inform and that's one of the greatest threats to the health of this democracy so let's go on record i think the republicans are deep trouble in the house and the senate as well if the election were held today frankly i think republicans would lose both and if donald trump wants to keep a republican congress he has to differentiate when he's attacking congress general versus the republicans in congress differentiate when he's attacking the press i is when he feels he's not getting a fair shake lugs making the comments as i mentioned the fox news.

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