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The original point about the Houston Dynamo and players who fit together feels like this group is fitting together Saito sits. You already said he tackles. He moves the ball. I know there's not a thinker on the field right. He's giving me the ball. I'M GONNA run. I'm GonNa Chase. He's never been a cerebral libro player. He's been skilled. He's energetic and that's playing now right. He covers Ground Hillary's off him beaut read off that Hillary's off bow right. It feels like the pieces are coming together and this is the exact type of team that Bruce Arena once. It's going to be exciting to watch the rams jobs over the next few weeks. They are still out of the playoff spots but right now the bottom of the eastern conference just feels like it's all over the place another team right there on the bottom of the eastern conference which is starting to feel pretty confident is Toronto F._C.. They started off against the New York Red Bulls with one of the best goals of the I did. The vowel radius thing on Monday and you guys all knocked down. I'm Josie back in on this on the one touch backheel goal off a hard cross from I'd say twelve to fourteen yards out in off the post office for jailed out from their own. Now you're going to soccer narrowly and not just it was a great finish but it was also a great goal starting with the center back the whole first five minutes they dominated that game and then josie caps it off Tim Parker right on his back. Nothing Lewis row bliss can do and then and Chris Armas said I thought we made them uncomfortable. Enforce them out of their game plan at times but four A._F._c. four-man backline now with Omar Gonzalez coming in Josie back and healthy which allows pus well. I think into a more comfortable position Kaelin Eland said I think on this show on Monday he sees this as one of the teams that can rise up these conference. They're basically three points out of sack and that's how this whole thing kind of works out. How do you see this Toronto team now with these additions so here's what I wrote wrote in the column this morning? I said Jason Davis on Sirius X._M.. Yesterday and double down on this morning okay so it was just no bobby Senate everywhere else while I talk about Toronto F._C.. And The New York Red Bulls are the two teams most likely to who come out of the East and the playoffs M._l._S. Cup interesting because the Red Bulls do with the Red Bulls do right and even last night they pushed onto out of passing right Tronto tried to pass the Times Red Bulls ran the mover as Chris Armas said they had to adjust Toronto one this on but it felt like red was probably would have won this if this game would be played over the same way right so red bulls have there and if you don't adjust they will do very well against you but Toronto you look at that spine. They didn't play well read was might have been the better team but they're still still so good at staying confident on the ball breaking lines running the patterns they've rehearsed and then they have to incredibly talented players to make plays so when I think about the eastern conference or as much as I like Philadelphia they need to win a big game before I would say they're the team to come out of the playoffs N._Y._C.. In Atlanta need to show more consistent consistency about the way they do their patterns on the field the way they defend and attack a unit but then these two teams Toronto and Red Wolves already have an they've already proven they can ride that it through the the playoffs there my top two teams right now interesting. I the other thing I'm curious which one okay so Toronto F._C.. You want to do as well as you can in the regular season to be home for Red Bulls and this is coming off things like this. Do you WANNA would be a home team for this playoff where now it's one like they have been so good at times on the road when teams feel the need to play great point but we'll teams feel that way in a one game not too great point a great point. I don't have a good answer to it. I mean I would have said yes until what Atlanta United did last year right but that also comes off a I like that they lost on the road right that changed the way the series got played out against the New York Red Bulls. Well Atlanta was always going to smash the ball long. Yeah that's true right home away. They had their a game plan. They were not going to get red bull by the rules so it's interesting to see obviously these changes will see for the first time ever in the postseason. We don't want to get there already. There's a lot of soccer left to play for Toronto though a win against Montreal a weird game but a ton of energy in that game and then you come home you get a performance from Josie. Michael Bradley looked more like himself in that one and you start to see for Toronto see what it could look like of course they brought an attain winger who didn't make his debut yet is it. We talked. He'll weeks ago about needing to manage Diego chargers minutes. If we think that the Portland Timbers are GonNa make the playoffs and make sure H._R.'s peaking with the years he has on his legs. We say the same thing Michael Bradley I mean is he a thirty four game starter now or see someone. You need to say all right Michael. The sample size is big enough. You don't have it in your legs to play at the proper level manager minutes. I would love to get a camera in the room while you have that conversation with Michael Bradley. This is a guy who has said I WANNA be on the field in every single game. We've seen him play Canadian Championship deanship Games Midweek when his team already has a lead in the series when they're at their peak competing on all fronts who've seen them play early CONCACAF Champions League Games and freezing Cold Colorado that is Michael Bradley Two A.. T. and I don't think there's anything wrong with that amazing what you want from professional. I don't know if he is at the point yet where he saying yeah I'm different. My Body has changed. My abilities have changed and come out. Jonathan Massaro didn't get a start in this game. Marquis Delgado did so it'll be interesting to see how sorry fits into all of this us as a formation changes as they bring in these new players in the final one. We WanNA mention from Wednesday night Atlanta United knocking off the Houston Dynamo five zero yes that sounds epic and it was but Albert the least getting a red card in the sixth minute kind of change things a little at Mercedes Benz so Atlanta United did what they had to do. Took care of Business Emerson Hyman gets on the field for a solid. I think it was about seventy seventy five minutes in that one looked very comfortable for them. which is positive and Joseph Martinez scored so all of the good things for Atlanta rebounding rebounded from that loss against Seattle on the flip side for Houston? It's been a tough run but off the field a little bit of News James Harden's been announced as a minority owner for the Houston Dynamo. He'll pick up about five percent of that club. Oscar de la Hoya also already a celebrity pretty minority owner of that team so now Houston Dynamo pure isolation soccer one V one soft just three indeed just get off of James Harden and bad but it's not not the soccer. They've been playing yeah absolutely true that is very true but you could see them. Maybe backload some crazy Albert police roster contract forty million dollars thirteen years and then try and use the draft picks to get off of it. Lots of Houston Rockets jokes. I could make right now but the beard is in the League James Harden one of the I guess you could say one of the top hop iconic wise top ten fifteen athletes in the world you and say that it's a pretty impressive stretch feels like a stretch but I get what you're saying to snow. You know always in M._v._p.. Voting so now he is involved with major league soccer which is exciting to see from him. We've got more excitement coming up in a major league soccer. The All Star game is on the way it's happening in Orlando this year the game coming up at the end of the month but first we will have the skills challenge on July thirtieth eight P._M.. Eastern time you could watch it on the M._l._S. L. APP you can watch it on twitch you can watch it on twitter as well where you can interact as they will be three sets of teams with three players each and M._l._s. all star group with Wayne Rooney Carlos Vela and John Dos Santos and Orlando team with Nani Chris Mueller Mendez and Athletico Madrid team with Coca Achebe and one of the most expensive signings in World History Zhao Felix who was on his way to being the next great Portuguese superstar they will face off in three challenges a shooting accuracy one from the penalty spot a passing accuracy one where they will hit targets from different distances and a touch and volley one. We get more points based on how you hit it first time half volley all that type of stuff and these guys will go at it at the E._S._p._N.. Wide World of sports you can go out you can get tickets for that to double header with homegrown game so you can just like jam it all in Bobby now that I've done that gotten all those rules down. How do you feel about this? I'm excited man. I love this type of stuff. I look is this what players do after practice for practice like most of the players that you see see in this competition. The stars are this talented because they are the ones to go up before training. put down a ball and say ten dollars. If I hit crossbar maybe it's more for these and then they say after new P._K.. Challenges we've had a little more or they have the youth player the homegrown cross balls for finish. I'm excited to see them actually put this new real competition with some fans and stakes on the line. It's going to be fun. It's GonNa be a great environment other. All Stars are going to be coming out Athletico Madrid players other celebrities. They'll be a judges panel that will be picking style points for these things you can vote on that on twitch and on twitter so you can be engaged but there'll be a couple celebrity judges there. Maybe some musicians maybe some former Brazilian great players who are familiar to the area. You know who I'm talking about here right uptight of course guys like that's you never know who's going to be in the building. It's going to be a ton of fun. We're very excited about this and it's a little historic the first time this happened but she's talking about James Harden. You talk about the dunk contest and like that is the peak of what everyone wants want. This is something that could be really cool because of the culture like you said around soccer. This is what players do this is. What we all do we go to the park? Play the will pick up and then it's like just hit me crosses. I just WanNa hit Molly's as volley till the rest of my life and when you hit it clean there's no better feeling healing and now we're going to get to watch some of the best players in the world do that and one of those players who will be serving up balls on this stage. He's our A._T.. And T. Call to the field for the day Mr Chris Miller Chris. Thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for having me so I heard. Heard your P._R.. Guy Matt who's alongside you in this beautiful hotel right now. Call you cash. Is that your nickname yeah. It seems to be trending a little bit <hes> throughout the squad. Some of the guys.

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