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Depends on what I'd get up. Usually, maybe 7 30 or so I knocked out about 68. Sometimes they get up to nine miles. I go about 50 miles a week. How long does it take you to walk in, like, five miles a minute. Miles. How many 18 20 probably. I don't know. See, I don't run because if I get if I run, I get tired. And I will get tired. I just want to walk so I can think so. I planned my show in my head. As I walked by the black lives matter. Protests Are they legitimate? You know, my final question to you was going to be. There is currently a very art Larkin auction going on and the hunt auctions. He's selling his stuff, and my question was going to be to you. I thought it was a good one. If you could purchase any piece of Cincinnati sports memorabilia all time. What would it be? For a long time I had in my hands the bat that hit 41 92. So I had to work for two or three years. And Pete gave it to me and course he didn't give it to me. I gave it back to him, and I thought that was a big deal on other memorabilia. I would like to think Jose blaming on Rijo. Gave me the final ball on the final out that he got against Oakland in the first game. Which I don't have any more. My son used it. Play pitch with it. That's gone. I had my ball signed by Joe DiMaggio and P Rose. And my son took that one too. That's gone. Faras memorabilia. I think the Pete Rose. He's the definitional character in the history of baseball something something like 41 92 or 52 57. But anyway, you didn't tell me are the black lives matter? Protest legitimate, You know, this is the point Where, While it's radio I can envision right now. Tony Bender, laughing. And you kind of pointing to Tony. Let's see if I could drag him into this. And for my sake, I'm not being dragged into this last question. Now, at this point at this point, Tony Bender, it's kind of classic and they had got out of this is good is good. He's staying out of it. Damn right. I'm staying out of this. She's Sergeant Mattingly and Detective Cosgrove should they have been indicted in the murder? Briana Taylor. Yes or no? Here. Right? There seems to be a bad connection. I'm breaking up. There's something going on here and independence. And I seem to have lost the signal. Hello? What? Kansas City. Hello? Lance McAllister. Thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Willie. Thank you for inviting me. I'll take that as a yes. You stand with black lives matter admitted. Lance, you hava beyond amount flag in your bedroom. Admit it. You stand with black lives matter left his mark his organization correct. You are a year a piece of work, So I would say a piece of something but all they say a piece of work. 700 wlw. I don't know if you've noticed, but the Reds were in the race for postseason play..

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