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Two thousand people quit yesterday read the story it's pathetic i saw like all all the top basically all the top male guys just said screw it i'm talking about them i don't care about them winter pampered babies i don't blame any of you anyone that didn't finish the marathon anyone that bailed halfway anyone that went to the medical tent don't don't be embarrassed don't be ashamed it was this was not fit for man or beast gonna disagree on that one i'd say if you're if you're training for the marathon you again run the marathon that's that's the weather's were whether it's not that bad around a quick four miles myself could've done though twenty two another big issue at all i mean obviously you must have watched some of it it was it was crazy it was crazy what was the point where i understand such a big event you can't do anything about it but the point would say can you just do it today like honestly you can't i know i know you can't but can you just do day or two weeks i felt bad for the people trained all winter i felt bad that they had no fans cheering them on the crowds no signs virtually i mean what who would be out there cheering people on if you didn't have well here's the other thing is like it's not like you know you come out of out of a warm house and start marathon you are getting hours right and if you to break told her i mean i've done it a riding a bike and it's awful what have you stop in yeah you don't wanna stop can't if you stop holder on your muscles tight you gotta keep going can't inter marathon you once you stop you're dead but if you take a real stop it's its own and if so these people stop fifteen eighteen twenty miles in they get all tight and they say get a mixture they should give them a dan metal the weather was so bad what's the thing is i think that amy grant this race this year should get exempt next year tony reality guests there are scrambling said who is broad they're trying to figure out issue rosie ruiz or what what happened here but she's just you know a an unknown out of the blue cinderella story who kicked ass and that was a great story.

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