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New cases in Oregon and nearly 2200 cases here, but we didn't report numbers for a couple of days. Hospitals here are on the verge of capacity and just across the state line in Idaho. We hope that this day would not come. Jeremy Evans is with Kootenay Health, Idaho just enacted its crisis standards of care policy for the first time, meaning if there's a shortage of ventilators or oxygen that may require us to Make some tough decisions about who gets what when and there are worries were actually close to this. No homeless executive Dave Summers says They're now having more new cases than last November's peak, and that they are considering an outdoor mask mandate, just like King and Pierce counties have enacted. It's a difficult message to nuance for the public. Some people might think that if you're vaccinated, your 100% protected well. Maybe. Yes, Maybe not. Certainly you're much better off vaccinated than not Brian Calvert Comeau News. The covered outbreak is so severe and Cowlitz County that the corner has asked for an emergency declaration so he can bring in a refrigeration trailer for the bodies. Corner, Tim Davidson told the county commission. He needs to expand capacity until the new morgue opens in about a month along the daily News reports. Funeral homes are also maxed out. Collins County confirmed 229 new covid cases over the three day weekend, but those numbers are incomplete and could be revised upward. Statewide. The number of patients on ventilators is up 34% just in the last seven days. Dozens of people in column County showed up yesterday at the county courthouse during a commissioner's meeting again calling for the firing of health officer Dr Allison Barry cameras, Carlene Johnson reports public comment during yesterday's commission meeting took more than three hours with dozens of people, including Anthony Baker, calling for Dr various ouster as health officer for Callum and Jefferson counties. They oppose her requiring proof of a covid 19 vaccine card to go inside a bar or restaurant that took effect last Saturday. Dr. Berry is ambassador at manipulation, words and statistics,.

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