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Not that long ago you know. The wing was Was disposable. I mean you know wings were they gave them away basically right and then all of a sudden and then all of a sudden they got popular We'll tenders were the same way. I mean You know a clip tender was the exact same way. Well guess what tenders got popular and when tenders got popular The market went up. And then suddenly you know their tenders and and wings You know went from thirty seven thirty eight dollars. A case to seventy two to seventy six dollars. Yeah yeah and that was very significant. Of course it happened right. When i got in the business so you just one of our tenants of our of our of our company. One of our pillars is to be nimble. And so you know we had to think our way through that it's kind of like the pandemic man was about to say that's kind of true story of who can be nimble and if you don't you don't survive right that's it and and when the pandemic hit you know there were others that said. Hey we're we're done. We're sending everybody hall you know we're furloughing everyone Were closing and i just wouldn't do that. I mean we have Seventy some people that work for us and you know. They depend on on that paycheck. They're feeding their family. They are raising their kids. They the really really good people and you know you asked me. I think just before we got on you know some of the questions and one of them being. Why do i. Why am i doing this. And i'm doing it for for others This companies bigger than me. But why am i doing it. And and so what was our response. You know my response and man. I'm telling you march la- arduous tough man february. That's your work and we brought all of our people together and said look. We're not and nobody's going home. Nobody's getting furloughed. This is going to be tough. But we're all in this together. This is a global pandemic this. This isn't just this is the world but we are all in this together in our own little way. I want you all to go home. And i want you to think and i want you to come back here. You know in a in a couple of days. We're gonna get together again and i want your ideas on what we can do together so that we all get through this and how we wanna do it so that we can benefit others so we can help so we can be part of the solution during this horrible time of pain share. And you know we. We've we've become numb to the pain But but you know. Wichita i mean we were watching. The aircraft industry decimated but by boeing seven thirty-seven magic. We get hit with the pandemic. I mean wichita was an. We're starting to recover. Thank goodness but but we were hurting..

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