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Had the watches and i feel like that they might have fantastic for but i just haven't told us yet because i don't think i think fox might be like we're not doing anything never going to make a good one ever ever and they might just not if even if they do mention if you showed up in infinity wall didn't they didn't they didn't like they cassidy and secrets and i would just like surprising fantastic car just showing up in spicer jessica elvis back as gals yo and griffiths back chris evans double imagine if infinity war like that thaddeus disintegrates captain america we always going to come back but showed up for the for the dramatic disintegrates cabinet america and then a human torch play chris shows up again radical but he's got that kind of radical where they wanted they but they run that would be incredible and chickasaw michael she is back here as the commission to me the commission here's the best thing that we've seen yeah we had run is good is a great great casting bill i just i just think that fox or are they going to budget up a hold onto it forever so you might as well sell it back exactly talking about got his galaxy dozens of muslim ice other things so in the in the final act causi at one point a political uses cosmic powers to twenty into pacman briefly us which was the funding visual gag but i'm and i'm like that's a pretty silly if they hadn't learned it early it's very pixels right now i didn't i didn't i didn't hide love that but you're right in a worst movie that's not yet this i res the chain twice as well there is a couple songs like the brandy song yes some songs popped up a few a few times.

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