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At seventy one in bridgeton sixty seven eleven on fifty eight and Holgate fast. Traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one oh one point five. Rockin? New Jersey's weekends. We have a rock in New Jersey one zero one point five. Joel. Remember how? fifteen one fifteen and four fifteen entered on your our free app for your chance to win free family passes to six flags the check on the roads. Now deters fast traffic. Say Parkway northbound one forty three to one forty five on the turnpike. Carleen northbound into fourteen we have some construction going on thirty one both directions. Locked because Fidel poll and that said upper ferry road in Ewing and route three westbound route one twenty in east of furred an incident. There's been cleared away leaving New Jersey at the bridge up to forty minutes now up protect lower about twenty minutes. Lincoln tunnel about ten to fifteen minute delay in the Holland tunnel. Pretty much twenty-five both approaches traffic every fifteen minutes next report coming up at four thirty-three. I'm Crispin New Jersey. What home point five? Scattered thunderstorms tonight. Lows fifty to fifty eight AM showers windy, tomorrow, high sixty three to sixty eight sunshine Jersey returns on chime Tuesday. time four forty eight Jersey what a listening one to jersey what a five. one point five anytime on your Alexis smart speaker just tell Alexa, play New Jersey one point five the of the roads now in jersey fast traffic volume on the Garden State Parkway, northbound one forty three up to one forty five in twenty nine northbound to ninety five one ninety five the off ramp is closed in Hamilton because of a breakdown to.

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