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Issue with Maria Bartiromo the other day and president suggested people should be in jail for what he said earlier in the week was very obvious crime your attorney and the president calls for some perhaps you could lay out the elements of this crime what crime was committed and in what way I assume you're referring to the Obama administration she's amazing blasted a Chris Christie was on the George Stephanopoulos program and B. and also Rahm Emanuel was on the same panorama manual courses a staunch Obama defender he was Obama's chief of staff before he became the mayor of Chicago listen to this well let let me give rob a little lesson since he invoked by US attorney days the first thing you don't do is allow FBI home I passed the bar to conduct themselves in the way these folks did they well well yet we can prosecute anything rob so we'll we'll we'll get to that thank god the the the the fact of the matter is that you don't allow you do not allow FBI agents to conduct themselves in this way you don't allow them to go in there and set a perjury trap which is what they did not set all while that Mike Flynn is wrong for having lied to the vice president and I don't know how he explains that but he'd have to explain that to Mike pence himself but what we're seeing here and and believe me I've been a victim of it and people my ministrations been a victim of it also this is an Obama justice department was led by Eric holder and Loretta Lynch engine call me that politicized and weaponized the justice department they did it the Supreme Court just reversed what happened to my administration nine zero Mike Flynn now is going to have this matter dismissed and it's so George what we're looking at here and rob what we're looking at here is prosecutorial investigative misconduct and that his contract needs to be investigated in exactly the same way with the same measure that Mike Flynn was investigated that Bob Muller investigated all the people in Russia that Ukraine was investigated prosecutorial misconduct is an awful awful thing because of the power of the federal government this is what I want to get if I want to get a bringing that in but Chris let me just ask you a three bedroom gonna get prosecutor looks misconduct that's that's your argument but I I didn't do it the pressure on one point two the president keeps saying that was president Obama who committed a crime is there any evidence whatsoever anywhere the president Obama committed a crime here this interview George at this point we don't know what all the evidence is we don't know what happened that January fifth meeting so you know everybody wanted to rush to judgment during the Russia investigation everyone want to rush to judgment during the Ukraine investigation and I said it was wrong and both of those we shouldn't rush to judgment as to the things that we don't yet know as to what happened that January fifth meeting and what the president the problem was with the vice president's problem was let's have John during to the investigation needs to do and that's come to a fair conclusion that's what the American people want is a fair investigation and nobody on either side you know you can get here in this in this off this way the doctor off the bike Flynn investigation on it I didn't blow either one of them off and I don't think they should be now bill Barr said he doesn't expect any criminal investigation to lead to the president president Obama under build their arms up under AG was here US attorney Durham sophistication I have a general idea of how children with the movie how Mister Durin's investigation is going and as I have indicated some aspects of the matter are being examined as potential crimes but we have to bear in mind with the Supreme Court recently reminded us of in the bridge gate case the court said there there's a difference between an abuse of power and a federal crime not every abuse of power no matter how outrageous is necessarily a federal crime now as to president Obama and vice president Biden whatever their level of involvement based on the information I have today I don't expect Mr Durham's work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man our concern over potential criminality is focused on others that is going to disappoint a lot of people but where you go to file charges against Obama aside from having to establish intent can you imagine the ramifications right now half the country still doesn't understand how Donald Trump got elected and believe that the Russians not only interfered with that they literally change vote tallies that is how deranged these people are I don't know the word to use to describe their mentality where Obama to be trump probably charge for something I told you already about the Michael Flynn unmasking and leaking the league part is the crime not the.

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