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A utility scam may be targeting ford pierre in pierre fort pierre mayor gloria hansen says management at the american lodging sweets and ford pierre received a phone call from some one with an east indian accent the individual claim to be from the ford pierre utilities department and threatened to cut off power to the hotel if full payment was not made hansen says the call received by the american and ford pierre is the only such call that she has been made aware of she added that she's also been in contact with area law enforcement about the call the pierre police department on their facebook page posted a link to the south dakota attorney general's office of consumer protection captain jason jones with the pierre police department says these skimming activity has picked up as the colder weather has moved end of the central missouri river valley and across south dakota the post also indicated that similar calls were being received by citizens and businesses in pierre tuesday pierre municipal utilities is also being targeted for peers utilities are administered by the city most independent utilities will not use a phone call to initiate communication regarding billing issues most will send a letter in the mail to begin the procedure to get a billing issue cleared up the south dakota public utilities commission will be holding a hearing this week to see what impact the tax cut bill will have on investor owned utility companies puc chair christie vegan says they're being pushed to move quickly the commission have to act so quickly because different than in 1980 fix this law goes into effect january first two thousand eighteen instead of like to why so we have to act quickly to ensure that our utilities understand those benefits will be passed on to ratepayers siegen says rates to consumers may be going down the expectations are that rates will be lower but we don't know what that will look like intel we investigate every utility so we will have nine utilities that we're asking for a comment to see how that tax cuts will impact them she says it could take some time to sort out the possible changes they are at a different spot in their earning positions that capital costs and so that's why it's so complex and it will be timeconsuming and it will take us probably up to two years to realize the impact on all nine utilities that this will impact the.

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