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And and you know, when when you beat Alabama forty four to sixteen there's really no it's so funny to hear all the people trying to make excuses and explanations and things that are just you know, what we were the best team simple as that. We were the best team. I thought we were the most talented team and that game this year. And that's all that matters. And these guys proved it it was kind of a drop the mic moment for those guys. So happy for our seniors. And we it was a dominant performance. I thought we were better in the trenches with they had zero sacks. We pressured their quarterback. We we were able to get something going in the run game just enough. And then we felt like we had great matchup skill on skill and we had explosive plays or quarterback played great. He played great all year. I'm not sure why everybody was so worried about him all of a sudden turned into something that he wasn't. But from matchup standpoint, we felt like it was a great matchup for us. And you know, all year long. Everybody was this is the best Alabama team they've ever had. And so you know, we were just the better team. And and play better made great plays one in the trenches. They had turn overs. We didn't we had Saks. They we may they play. They had not very many. We were good in the red zone. They weren't. And that's really what it comes down to and games like that. But I mean, they're a great team. But we were the best team this year, and you know, you shake hands. And it's like I told Nick afterwards. I said I'll see you next year because they're not going away. That'd be that'd be. Right back next year for sure and and they've been unbelievable champion, but this particular team that we had here slump just so special from day one coach devil. We educate me on this. You know, as you said everybody all year long was talking about Alabama put tick Uley when it came to its quarterback towards I've all and everybody was talking about tour as if he were invincible what is one thing for two to ask what coach says to the players to get them ready cetera. What did the players or what were the players saying to you leading into the national championship game, Monday night, just total confidence. I mean, we felt like we had the better team. And we felt like we matched up. Great. Great respect for them. Unbelievable defensive personnel. Offensive personnel to special. I mean, this really really special. But but. We we felt like we could we athletic in our front and could could create a little a little strain, and maybe disrupt their timing a little bit. You know, we went into the game, you know, kinda won't allow them a little bit pre snap and give give to us some different looks and hopefully force a few mistakes. And and the first big pick six there was was, you know, a great call a great well-designed coverage that with a pressure look, but we really played cloud corner to the field, and and we were kind of fool night there. And it was a big play for us. But our guys were confident. I mean, they they they've been that way all year this team. You gotta understand the makeup of this team. Do this was a very beat team when it comes to leadership twenty six guys voted for captain, you know, that got boats for captain and thirty four guys that got votes for most inspirational player, so it was just a a unbelievable team. I've had..

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