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So how? How is your? How is your daily routine? What is what is a day like for you? Good weather or bad? Yet now my commute to work so I work Dan Food ONS. I'm makeup for weddings. And I also what the NHS as well! So. National Health Service. So, I'm off spaced. So I've got two jobs, yeah, and Basically. My commute to what used to be fifteen minutes to the office and and then I'd be. Driving all over to weddings and things but now. Is. Very much. and Doing everything I tand remotely so. I'm now. My Office is in the kitchen. Just. Very, yeah, it is nice in some ways, but in other ways. You, miss you wear a wet colleagues in them. Just. Having the separation between going to work coming home. How. How long has it been now that you've been kind of doing the kitchen office thing so the kitchen office you? Like six about six weeks ago, ochre house this week six. which is. Yeah. It's not tape odds it. Is quite benefits we've. We've been having a loss of skype chat and lots of meetings virtual way. But. Yeah I think the reality feels more apartment now. In Hazar has there been I mean I've kind of followed a bit of the UK, but I know like have. How do you feel things are going now? Do you think maybe things are little more under control now than they might have been like a month ago or Do you. Get the feeling that this is going to be for another while or. It is a hard one ready because the figures in the UK are. Not. Decrease in massive amounts, but the you know. More people recovering from A. and. It's not getting worse, but it's not getting heaps by way. Yeah. SIP of an in between time at the moment where we don't really know and there's a lot of uncertainty which you know, it doesn't seem to became west, but it's not decreasing enough to the amount of people like right. Okay, we'RE GONNA get. We're going to noble now says not. Yes, so it was still very much uncertain. How long? The social distancing, which is what the colon it is gonNA. Go home for some people saying June July, or is it going to be longer and old? L depends so. It's uncertain..

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