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More than a thousand yards his junior high school season and super bowl week is here in minnesota the new england patriots four and a half point favorites over the philadelphia eagles sunday afternoon sports update to ten of forty after bill schwartz on the home of the huskies komo news it's just two minutes away from another check on early morning traffic a big turnout at ozzie's on queen anne saturday night to help raise money for the family of washington state university quarterback tyler alinsky he the 21yearold committed suicide earlier this month in his poem an apartment tyler was laid to rest in california saturday in many of his former teammates and coaches were there president trump delivers his first state of the union tomorrow abc's karen travers is at the white house with a preview white house his only speaking broadly for an hour that what president trump will say in his first state of the union address saying it will be a speech from the heart tim will touch on american values and patriotism the address will focus on five key issues jobs in the economy infrastructure trade national security and immigration which is the big issue on capitol hill right now as lawmakers negotiate a permanent fix for dhaka white house officials say this will be an optimistic forwardlooking speech with a bipartisan tone karen travers abc news the white house and we will carry these data the union and the democrat response tomorrow live here on komo news beginning at six pm authorities in southwestern pennsylvania have not named a motive yet in the weekend killings of four people but the families of the victims think they know widely sees brian clarke has details jealousy drove timothy smith say the families of the four people shot and killed outside of a car wash southeast of pittsburgh early sunday sierra caloric whose sister was killed said smith as a jealous x now i fayette county district attorney richard hours in the victims all in their twenties who were apparently shot with an ar fifteen to twenty three semiautomatic rifle and a nine millimeter handgun another person was hurt by shattered glass authorities say smith has a.

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