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22 game here. Top of the ninth Toppy at first nobody out Kitchen. Trevor Lines it into right field for a base it bets backhands. It gets it back in. But rhyme l gets to third. Back to back singles to start the ninth for the Rockies. Story doing a good job. Taken it the other way. Is that pitch bent back towards him a little bit toppy with good, speedy was easily going to get to third. Now at least a productive out is needed. Nolan are Renato looking for his first hit? Against the Dodgers this year. In the three games he has played this game four Then all the struggles for Nolan with men in scoring position this year. Especially on the road. China's first pitches. Hard slider for a strike. No one has struck out twice. And grounded. To the second baseman in the shift, the Dodgers infield is back. With Nobody out. Throw to first and Trevor's back. You've got Lux, the second baseman. Just about directly behind second base. Now he's taken a step back, too. The right side of second. Segers shading towards the hole it short. Pitch to Nolan. He hits it to the right side, and it's in the right field for a base. It He beats the shift with a single to right and the Iraqis air back into the lead. It's 3 to 2 on the first hit of the year for Nolan against the Dodgers. About that. I just reached out, poked at the other way. All three base hits going the other way against trying to start the ninth inning. Patience, discipline. Good at bats. Good swings. And trying and will depart as they'll bring the lefty would on the face. Charlie Blackmon, 32 Iraqis here in the ninth. Nobody out will be back on the Iraqis Radio network. What's better than drinking.

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