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Hyperventilating in like feeling like the dripping water on them like all the things that they were they were complaining about what a question of rating like it might have been a problem for them to make went too far it would end up being a pg thirteen movie and then no one's gonna see it maybe but i do feel that you could be right and that might be it but for me it's like because these things keep happening and she is horrible it's like she is tormented these poor kids that seem she makes that kid eat the entire chocolate states such an epic sequel has brutal that's okay but and it's horrifying wait wait you jumping around and i just gotta say like these the things you're talking about though are the reasons why we all still think about majeste yeah those are the it's because i know the choky like but here's here's the thing i know the cat no point here's my issue at the movie at no point so okay trump bull is the villain she's the tag tagore at no point does she really get a satisfying victory and because of that to me it diminishes matilda's victory at the end okay so because you don't actually so france yeah in the ms bailing if you watched the chocolate cake eating scene and imagine if they didn't all stand up and cheer and instead that poor it out or something horrible like that.

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