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Mark levin water wait emme yeah no further you'll do a john conyers nancy pelosi sealed uh matt lauer and all the other stuff may i the whole thing about nbc combat lower fascinating can you imagine being the shareholder of a company to think about this remote four thousand new so off the highways construction when you uncovered the boulevard make at that six th left avenue turn northbound coward above art is on a mess to the and merge an accident rail can't been at river on point i 25 ten resort cast tonight clear skies get up over to thirty speed 34 steady tomorrow a high near sixty and you one know what amazing study scouts for the weekend those merge bright now lanes fifty at one least degrees over here on on the traffic and weather bellevue i'm susan exit peatland 630 and hey how onramp there are two lanes so is some men dimwit in front of you isn't going to speed limit you can get in the other laming go around him how defaults friendly neighborhood state trooper lewis were coming at you with your most frequently asked questions this is a question we've been getting for weeks and months now really thought it was basic information that everybody knew how to do and yet you're still asking for people to a kind of understand what to do so here we are we're talking about one of the most basic aspects of driving on a highway it is getting on a highway we're talking about merging talking about merge lanes how to get onto at how to do it somehow this is still up for debate on what to do with this threats san merge lane must light when i got behind me in terms of getting on a highway is designed for you to actually speed up and get up to the proper speed in order to get on a highway imagine that however keep in mind this merge lane goes on to the highway it goes into it so while you are supposed to get up to close to the speed you are also responsible to get on the highway properly why do you how good this makes me feel actually i'm conflicted about it because on the one hand i'm glad to see that the colorado state patrol could be snarky of smarter society put two i'm disappointed

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