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Me in kind of a slump kind of a depression. Woodford says she's applied for over one hundred and fifty jobs in the last few months but so far no offers. I don't meet the criteria or they've already hired somebody for every eight people who lost their unemployment benefits in june. Only one found a new job. Reasons include a lack of childcare and the growing mismatch between the jobs available and people looking for work. We've never cut off benefits for this. Many people all in one fell swoop. Done appointment comes fast. Providing job often take a lot of time but with a record ten million jobs now available many business owners like joseph termi hope. The end benefits helps them find needed workers. The bakery owner has already begun to see more. Applicants are won't call it a flood. I would say it was more of a warmer trickle but yes you did see a up to in people that were interested tom. Nearly eight hundred billion dollars was spent on federal pandemic unemployment people. Use that money for rent medication food. Now what watching for is how long will it take for people to get jobs. How will they get by without that money. And how will that impact consumer spending tom. Stephanie thank you with the spotlight on jobs. This labor day. Imagine working and never getting paid. It's a growing problem. Called wage theft especially during rebuilding efforts after disasters are cynthia mcfadden sorted investigating last year after a powerful storm ripped through last summer in the midst of the pandemic historic storm lashed through cedar rapids iowa leaving billions of dollars in damages across the state. How how many buildings were damaged was another building right there at the corner completely destroyed. Pablo ramirez hired a group of construction workers from texas and mexico to come help. Most of the workers did not speak english. He says he did not ask their immigration. Status ramirez hired the men as a labor broker for blue sky a restoration construction company based in colorado ramirez says he and the workers stayed here at one of the sites they were supposed to be have the conditions deplorable. They were not rentable. That were not rentable for over three weeks. The men say they work without getting paid by ramirez or blue sky which had estimated revenues last year of one hundred million dollars at the end of the month. They run out of food. Whereas peterson is the head of the local carpenters union. In desperation the workers turned to him for help. We found out that these six workers had eight and four days. Nothing nothing should go buy some groceries. Let's get these guys fed. Even though they weren't union members were out there to fight for the workers against unscrupulous contractors. And no matter who you are or not. When ramirez told blue sky the union was involved. He says they told him to fire the workers who now had no food no cash and.

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