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Because i could run. If you could share your friends will trust that right and add. I can put in front of them. they don't trust as much so any listener supported slash viewers. Mortared stuff. so. I need you to do a couple of things for me and i'm not afraid to ask i do need these things Number one. I do need you to pray for me. I really do A lot going on big responsibility here. I'm kinda between jobs. You know somebody you and and sort out whether as you just put everything into the broadcast or look for work so pray for me Second is i need you to share and subscribe. if you can't especially subscribe to the podcast the audio odd. Cast that really And you get all the episodes uninterrupted. It's never censored In the show is intended to be audio. I don't always have to be looking at the screen. You can just be listening. And then the third thing is the thing does need money to run so if you can help out with the with the support of the show and i appreciate it a bunch and easy to figure out how to do that. Po box four one nine nine one four nine one woodinville washington ninety zero seven two on that two more quick things that we're going to get into this nursing home thing kristie nome. The governor of south dakota has signed the bill that i thought that we would Sign we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. She signed the bill. That protects newborn babies who survive abortions are called the born alive act and the idea is here that even if the intention of the mother was to terminate the life of this baby. That doesn't always happen. And sometimes the baby is alive at the end of the procedure and This would make it illegal to terminate that life. it's already What do they call a botched abortion birthday. That's what they call it when you mess it up. It's a birthday and so those children are entitled to the respect and protection of the physicians like every other child who needs healthcare and so Governor says the pro-life 'cause continues even after a child is born today. I signed born alive legislation to guarantee the right to life for every baby that is born alive. We expect doctors to treat all children equally. Even those born in horrific circumstances. It's basic human decency. Good job governor nome now another thing got a little messy here. Oh i got handy to play this I wanna stay on the life thing for a second and we'll get back to the cuomo thing. And i wanna make sure i don't maybe want do this andy no thing. Based on time it will do that tomorrow. but jamal khashoggi. Some of you remember jamal. Khashoggi was a journalist for the washington. Post a reporter. And he was a guy who has primary thing was he did coverage of saudi arabia and it was not always positive coverage because they're not always able to be covered positively right and So he was a critic of the regime in saudi arabia and the crown prince of saudi arabia and he was an american citizen right and the crown prince american of saudi arabia. Had jamal khashoggi killed had assassinate and at the time the question was As know as the us going to stand for the assassination of one of our journalists by a foreign regime and trump didn't do anything about this and he was criticized at the time. And i think with probably rightly so At some level however. I think the reason that they didn't act more aggressively because they were trying to set up. This block of arab countries against the iranian countries and saudi arabia was a key player in that and being too harsh response to this would have disrupted that now People can debate. Whether that's right or wrong but i think that was the reasoning. Here's a report today. Joe biden's a administration will release a report that confirms.

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