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New artificial intelligence, northwest news radio's John lobar Genie tells us the reviews are both strange and positive. New York Times tech columnist Kevin ruse says a bot named Sydney told him it had dangerous and dark fantasies. It turned into this sprawling bizarre, often frightening conversation. Like almost the other side of a split personality. Silicon Valley tech expert rob injury says this kind of artificial intelligence gives what it gets. These AI constructs are learning through their interaction with people. Their goal is to increase their effectiveness and their value to the people that are using them. There are abuses, the experts say, and that has the opposite effect. I'm not professing the terminator vibe where they rise up and take over the world. But just recognize that the stories we told about machines that did exactly that often had this foundation, these hostile behaviors. In a statement, Microsoft tells ABC News, 70% of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. John lobert, northwest news radio. State lawmakers are considering a bill that would declare COVID-19 and occupational disease in 2021. The health emergency labor standards act provided protections for frontline workers. Doug Palmer is with the Washington association for justice. It encouraged workers to return to work despite the public emergency. They knew that if they caught COVID in their workplace, they would get the benefit and protections of a workers compensation claim. There are new COVID cases daily, more people are suffering from long COVID. Christina Callahan is a small business owner. Are they mailing in a two year old COVID test? Or do they just need to submit a picture of a positive test they found online? This is fiscally irresponsible. House Bill 1785 would extend workers comp benefits to all workers. Veteran actor Robert Duvall spoke out against Amazon when he appeared at a town council meeting in Warrington, Virginia, the 92 year old star of The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and the natural and the great santini asked the council to deny Amazon a special use permit to build a big data center. The vast majority of town and county residents agreed that this is a bad use of this site Duval received a standing ovation from the packed auditorium but the council voted 5 to four to grant Amazon that permits. The Red Cross is now working to get a family of 5 into shelter after their milk creek home was destroyed in a fire this morning, investigators are still trying to piece together a cause, firefighters say no one was home when that home burned down. Thieves broke into a cannabis shop in Seattle's Georgetown late last night. Seattle police say the pair broke into the bakery store on Lucille street and first avenue south and then fled in a pickup truck. Officers say they track some of the stolen items to locations in Kent and Renton, but so far, no arrests have been made. Come on fours, Mary nom. The city of Sumner is being hit with a string of robberies come a four screen of Argus has the latest. Sumner's police chief said that in the past 6 weeks, four convenience stores were targeted and there was one armed a carjacking and the latest incident happened on Monday at the smoke shop tobacco time. Now several businesses on Main Street are on high alert and the manager at trackside pizza said that she's worried about crime in this area, especially with so many happening in a short period of time. It definitely I think it makes everyone a little nervous. We're open probably the latest on the strip of businesses. So it's definitely normally shocking, but it definitely puts a little everyone just a little bit more on edge. Well, in the most recent armed robbery at tobacco time police said that two men entered the business demanding money in one customer was assaulted as the suspects ran out and the customer had minor injuries, queen of Argus, come on use. About 20% of U.S. kids are or could be diagnosed as obese

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