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Is on the air ice cubes about to join us here have cube here. His big three is getting bigger. The names that on his big three monster names added just this year. I was just having a chat backstage, well, over one hundred ten players shut up to the combine for thirty one spots. It's getting bigger man, and more and more players want in. That's a good sign for a team for league. That's now in year. Three here's some of the new players ready for this Gilbert arenas. Bochy. Okay, wait. Joe Johnson Joe. Johnson is one of the most cold blooded assassins. The league is seen in the last quarter century. Would you say that Chris or the most underrated cold blooded assassin, underrated underrated? The member never to take a big shot, his numbers. Can we look up his numbers l zero? His numbers are over the top. He so good. Jason Terry is in the mix. Kendrick perkins. Lamar Odom Steve Blake Maryland fans Blake. Yep. Greg oden. What a story. Right. Greg Oden is going to play in the big three. And this just that you added to drew Gooden, Stephen Jackson Amari, Stottlemyre, Katina Mobely coke. According to getting mock mood Abdul Raouf Metta world peace. They're all back, Joe Johnson twelfth all time in three points lead NBA his right. What does he in four pointers? He's got to take one right news career. He's had to take about two. So we'll get cube out here in short order, and then his son, O'Shea Jackson juniors gonna come in our number three. We did not plan. It, it just happened the way Godzilla king of the monsters coming out next week. He wants to come in this week to promote or like sure. Good. That's the that's the question. Well done. Jason wells on Jason. He's turning del tufo, Hawalli pip, wherever del tufo, is right now with Mark masking, our number one from the Washington Post. He was at the NFL owners meetings, and an I just all this back and forth on instant, replay that's going on right now. With offensive and defensive pass interference. We when we when I caught wind last week that the league was thinking.

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