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You must have come away with even a greater appreciation for going to experience without a doubt. That don't. I mean, it was definitely fracking initially paying such an icon and someone as say deeply loved and deeply respected and rightly so even when I was with her last night, we had dinner together. I just I can't help but be overwhelmed and moved by who she is an how she's managed to to navigate her way to a position of power with absolute, integrity, keeping hustle and has self intact. And she's you know, she's continually being in positions of an injustice, and you know, she was in a welder. No one really wanted to be that they can't looking around being my what are you still doing? Hey, you know, this isn't fu- you should be in the kitchen go with. And she she remained and stayed and fold and manage to very carefully and in a very sophisticated way that kept a sense of unity and kept everyone own side. She managed to to change the system and this note, many people who've been able to do that in history. So yes, so looking at those night, I just thought how so lucky to have someone that you in Powell with principals intact, looking up the film and can get the script. I mean, we're you something's must still resonate in terms of these kind of like, micro aggression, small things that still exists to this day. I mean, I feel like if anyone that I talked to probably has been told to smile a little bit more. Yeah. Resonates with you with anybody? I think you will. Yeah. The OT you're tapping into it. It's because I've been thinking about this. And I think what it is is just that slight pressure to be pleasing. I think that something that whistle was still wrestling with a little bit. But actually do more than ever I feel like it is it is it is time to shine with the forces of history, and where they all. It is we're in a time now where we can have a total equality where we can all rise together. And that's ultimately, what the film is about is that one doesn't have to rise to the detriment of another when we worked together as Monte in Reese, did look look what we can do. And look what what change we can affect. And I now feel in this place where where the world has changed, and we all equals and. And that has to be embraced on every level. But it has been interesting screening the film and seeing in the world, and and and some people I think do you find it difficult when they see the foam, and they sort of they find something a little bit. Almost they don't know how to take it that the story ends with a woman triumphing alongside her husband with that relationship fully intact. And she lives at the end. Process isn't how it's supposed to go down in film his chain. It's it's it is no poll so that has been actually fascinating. But that that is the that's why will say passionate about this pudding that story into the world. It's a hardening film. I think it's going to. Like the same way people were like the world needs Mary Poppins right now. We're also needs a true story. Like this a true hero like this. Where like, I think of Justice Ginsburg said McEwen last night. She was putting her late husband saying, I think that like histories like pendulum this gale. Because you know, as we all know these have been pretty rough times last couple years, and if there is a silver lining. It is. I've talked about this on the podcast before like the day after the election..

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