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Just a grander multiple percival usually ending. There's multiple people. I thought for sure he was going to need some help. 'cause he's a big name but i don't think he's like that level but i guess i think travis scott was the headline not too long ago so like travis scott driving scholars think so i think you the travis but he had like big boy come out and like he had a bunch of people supplement but i think he was like the maze. Remember the yeah. I was at that one. I think it was like right. When astra world had like popped off the tour bus. Remember that but he the weekend just a weird dude he just seems like an old guy. He's got the weird face now. He's gonna mustache. He looks like almost the denzel meam when he's like uncle denzel old. That's just like i used to think of the weekend is like this like cool. Drake ish kind of guy. And then he's up there like in a suit just like singing r&b and i was like cool as i thought i got my thing. Is i think you either got to be like a band. So you like a drum solo in a guitar solo in your act. You know you're you're you're doing music or you got be like a dancer or some shit like at one point. He was just like standing there walking around singing like an arm. Bisong and i was just like this doesn't feel like super bowl to me. I thought the opening thing looks like fucking. What's chris. pratt in guardians of the galaxy looks fifty of him star. Lord's lily fifty star lord like settling a choir thought that was sick and then i think it must have been something i missed. Whatever happened in between that. And then i'll go on. The field was like a million could have been doing this doing and i said i i was kind of like bowling around in my kitchen. Just kind of looking at the tv. That's a cool visual. I wasn't really listening to songs weekend songs. I can't really separate one from the other. Didn't that's the problem too is that it's like i don't know if it's the best type of music for it. It's kind of like a time just like this. A groovy fuck yeah rushing to go to fucking weekend concert. It is nice. That's melody might ultimately be the problem for me is that it's not gonna be like the what's the weekends on like doesn't really do it. And then the nerve to not do tiktok dance to the one fucking song does he. Not i guess. I don't really know so that dance wasn't in the media and of that tiktok has made up the dance right. Yeah yeah you gotta do that. Come on and it's like the fun with the they were all doing that. Yeah i was going to happen. All the guys with the bandages. I also thought that bandage. Dick didn't really have a big payoff. I think most people just confused. Yeah that's what i mean. It's just the whole thing just felt like once going on. That's why. I think it was cool because a giant little yeah and the separation of like every song had its own heading which i guess is you know. It's a production. You're right. But i feel like it's like a live performance. It felt like you watch the budget music videos which is fine but i feel like i thought it was a cool viewing experience from a home..

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