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Hey everybody welcome back to another episode Soda Daily Grace. This is Joanne with Stephanie Halo H-a-l-o so we are really excited about today's topic. I think that this is probably one of our most frequently asked questions for the podcast and that is the question of what is God's will will for my life and how do I figure it out yeah. It's a pretty big question and we are definitely going to get into that and so before we do Stephanie. Do you have a favorite thing to share for us this week. I do so earlier this week. We've got sue record with Ruth Joe Simon's and she's the artist of grace laced and you know I love Ruth <hes> she has just been a sweet mentor of mine from afar and so oh my goodness it was an absolute delight in a privileged to get to chat with her and and goodness wouldn't you say she's like so gracious and so while Fokin and full of wisdom so that was just definitely a highlight of my week yeah that was hugely edifying for me to Oh my agonise yeah how about you. I think that my favorite thing this week I wanted to share is a book that I'm reading right now and my church started this summer doing the summer book clubs Cujio's really fun because we get a chance to have these small group settings and read some books together and so we're reading a book called identity theft in my group who and it's written by a lot of different authors <hes> Jen Wilkin Hannah Anderson Melissa Kruger trillion new Bell Ma'am several others too and it is about our identity in Christ and basically talks about a lot of different types of identity theft that we have so ways that we misplace our identity so it's really been really excellent and especially after after recording our own episode identity in Christ which was episode nine so definitely recommend that episode and definitely recommend the book to yeah there are a lot of good authors right there Oh yeah and they're even more in their each chapters written by somebody different so so it's been it's been really good but like we said we are going to be talking about this question. Of How can we know God's will for our lives and like I said I have gotten this question a lot of the podcast I have seen it a lot on the Lip and light page. I have had a lot of people talk about this. Just in my regular life you know people. I'm thinking about like students that I've had when I was a teacher or people that I've they've just met up with for coffee. They're just wanting to know what is it that God wants me to do. And how do I know that I'm doing the right thing. Yeah and I think that this question comes up a lot with like big life decisions so we WanNa know God's will for for our life and find answers to questions like is this the person God wants me to marry or is it God's will for me to live in Atlanta or New York. Is this the job I'm supposed to take. What should be my major in college? Should I even go to college is God's will for me to have one kid twelve kids. Is this guy the one is this house. The one right we kind of go to these big life questions and we just want to know. I know what is God's will what does he want me to do. And how do I figure it out and honestly it makes total sense. We'd want to know God's will in these areas because let's be honest. These are things that we don't want to mess up right these big deal things and so I think there there are a lot of different ways that we tend to go about trying to decipher what God's will for our lives is. I think one of the big ones is that we just try to hear God we pray really really hard and try to listen for a voice or maybe like a feeling a notion that says do this not this or I've heard of people like just dropping their bibles open on a table and seeing what it falls open to and trying to find a verdict that will give this enlightenment on how I should move forward. <hes> you know maybe we wait for some kind of sign..

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