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Savannah. Chad has it again left circle. The point the Angelo shoots blocked at front by Sarah alley but snap goes didn't clear. I was blocked by shake it up boots. David shoots, right circle. Save made by Lasky. Mcdonagh trying to get up cannot up at a skate, savannah. That keeps it in LA point right point, the Angela right back for the Angelo, right point lady. Really eat a whistle to get mcdonagh breaks advantage. I'd left circle pizza in front. Visi right circle. Buchnevich back for visi right point lightning. Cannot get the puck down the ice. The Angela has its center point sagoes advantage at centerpoint de ngelo shoots laugh read held out. Left circle left point. Tony diangelo olds. Backers advantage of circle shoots blocking away by Vasyl Ascii alertly block or did out of play mcdonagh's gonna hobble off. I'm not sure where he got that one knee ankle foot, whatever. But mcdonagh was completely incapacitated. He was down on the ice for a couple of seconds. You could see the referees. We're thinking, okay. Do we need to blow the whistle down here. But you have to show that you're really in you know, in jeopardy out there, and he wasn't it never ceases to amaze me, though. The Rangers are so busy sticking to their system. And the what they wanna do it. When a guy has hurt you gotta get the puck over on that side. They didn't do it. It was a chance. Miss for the Rangers. Strom wants the face off New Mexico center point to shattenkirk, left circle. Shattenkirk shoot save last year. Rangers starting to get closer the shot clock department pocket finally steals. Analysts to Gordon center. Three out.

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