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Wendy's i'm joe ramsey for sanctuary of federal judge in california just miss most of the trump administration's lawsuit against the state so called sanctuary law just last week us district judge john mendez rejected the government's request to temporarily blocked three california sanctuary laws while the case is working its way through the courts and monday mendez dismissed the lawsuit ruling california did not overstep its authority in violate the supremacy clause kept amendment provides california the right to decline to participate in immigration enforcement state attorney general says local law enforcement does cooperate with federal agents when it comes to serious crimes there's nothing in the state's laws prohibiting is from working in the jails as released records are public it's expected the doj will appeal jim roope los angeles news time to twenty five it is time for the kyw business report let's go live to bloomberg business they could afternoon to mark mills good afternoon show oh we have stocks backing off their highs for the day and now a mixed in light afternoon trading as banks retreat ahead of their earnings reports which start coming out on friday the dow still up hundred fifteen points twenty four thousand eight hundred eighty one the s and p five hundred holding onto a quarter percent gain the nasdaq is now negative down a tenth of a percent pepsi's earnings show that on one hand shoppers are pursuing healthier beverages and trying to cut down on sugar sending soda consumption to its lowest level in more than thirty years at the same time they're still chopping frito lay's high coury and salty potato and corn chips like there's no tomorrow amazon's fourth annual prime day thirty six hours of.

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