Frans, Wage Inflation, Steven discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Match copied a mugere rufo takes one magdalena roy barrick over britain's chris free remains on course for a third straight toward a frans title after retaining the yellow jersey following yesterday's eleven stage he's got an eighteen second vaunted in the overall classification germany's marcel kissel proved his renting gloss again as he claimed a faith win of this year's race at a starstudded field begin engulf scottish open at dundonald links this morning sixty of the world's top fifty competing including northern ireland's rory mcelroy who's in a group with him extensive and rickie fowler chris calls with the european spoil that now federal reserve chair janet yellen returns to capitol hill today for day to of how congressional testimony yesterday yellen said that the us economy should continue to expand over the next few years allowing the central bank to keep raising rates while also stressing a gradual approach to tightening as the fed monitors too low inflation considerable uncertainty always attends the economic outlook yellen said in her remarks delivered to the us house financial services committee that is for example uncertainty about when and i'm quoting here and how much inflation will respond to tightening resource utilisation for more analysis on her testimony stephen bell chief economist at bmo global asset management joins us in our london studio good morning steven great to have you i know you don't think that there was much of a change what yellen said yesterday to what she said more recently but can you fix this inflation puzzle for us that's passing the fed it the puzzles getting deeper actually because one of the points the john yellen married is okay coinfections fallen we didn't expect it it's it's surprising wage inflation trickling higher so this is going to reverse and how you who patient students who taken a step blower as well now we economists have faith in the.

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