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It be honey produce even like locally roasted coffee or locally made pasta sauces and sauces and things like that right so that's that portion and then as far as for for what we sell to the outside customers the restaurants and private schools and and businesses like that i'd i'd say about it's hard to say i'd say it's about forty maybe local sixty and forty percent the other stuff but it fluctuates in the winter is going to be a lot more of the non local stuff i'm core trying new we're more with taco food hub and see how we can do the inter hub transactions where actually but to the end customer affordable and acceptable all kinds of creative smart work going on 'cause i you know i know from working with you that you're always working on the bottom line too so if pay close attention to all of that with all with your distribution as well as your store yeah yeah i mean it's something is completely different business moving the in the retail grocery is doing the wholesale distribution on so we're definitely have a lot to learn in the seats in this area as well luckily i got to take the university of remond erm food hove's course to mac in that was extremely helpful i opening and in open a world to network with you know other food hubs in what they're going through and how they do things and to ask questions of you know anyone that having success and how they do it so right well and and you've got to come to boot camp to with the other people from california who you it's funny because they've kind of adopted you as as a as california dog tube right no yeah yeah well you sound like there's a lot of other things going on in vowed house so yeah and there's there's a lot going on in california so that's it's productive i'm sure for you yeah it could we hopefully ad have access only people in your courses yeah well it has been it's such a pleasure to work with you and to hear your story because as i said when we started i don't know very many people who have successfully started and grown up retail coop like you and your sister have and and and all of the support that you've gotten from the community i just i guess one question that remains with me as what what would you say to people who are trying to do this and who really need to build the level of community support that you have seen yeah i mean now starting say like we're going to start this now the a whole different ballgame because you know there's so many different variables and time play so i think yes really reaching out to community and seeing what their needs are co up exist to meet their members needs and luckily what we were really passionate about was what our community at the time and still is extremely passionate about in the everything ended up coming together and i'd say like reaching out to other co op really trying to reinvent the wheel because there's already so much work that's been done that can be replicated and duplicated but also fitting it to you know to the needs of your store is very very important 'cause if you don't you can get off track pretty quickly and so really honing in or what your purposes and why you're doing what you're doing and staying as true to.

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