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Years Pfizer's been testing vaccines for the youngest American 6 months to 5 years old And finds its lower dose two shot vaccine is safe for the little ones and produces an immune response but it's not as strong as it would like to see in two to 5 year olds While Pfizer continues testing a three dose regimen an insider tells The Associated Press the Biden administration wants to get the ball rolling on the two shot protocol Until the testing is completed on a possible third dose It's 9 32 now in D.C. health is making changes to its coronavirus guidelines Now students who have close contacts who do test positive will have to isolate for a minimum of 7 days If they're not eligible for the test to stay program that's the program that allows unvaccinated students who are exposed to the virus to remain in class if they get a test and remain negative In order to be eligible to take part in that D.C. test to stay program the exposure must have occurred at school and it must involve two people who were properly masked Now there are new guidelines as well for D.C. residents who test positive Unlike guidance from the CDC D.C. health now says those who test positive should complete a rapid antigen test at the end of a 5 day isolation period You can see full details on the new guidelines that dot com We have more now on the bomb threats made this morning against historically black colleges and universities including several in our area Today is the second day in a row that Howard University was targeted The school had asked its community to shelter and place but in all clear has since been given There is also a threat at UDC in the all clear has also now been given there Another threat was made at Morgan State University in Baltimore That school is still asking everyone to shelter in place while the campus is searched And is following the story Howard says the threats included several locations on the main campus a public safety official at UDC asked people to avoid its campus until further notice Yesterday Howard and buoy state were among at least 6 historically black schools throughout the country that received the unfounded threats the FBI and ATF have been involved in the investigations The law can stain dapple TLP news And now a special update from the traffic.

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