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St Louis Cardinals, Major League Baseball, Espn discussed on Total Information PM


Talk some cardinals baseball tonight from six fifteen until seven it's episode four of twenty eleven revisited my oral history of the two thousand eleven St Louis cardinals Redbird social come out from seven until eight of course we still wait for developments as far as Major League Baseball and a potential return to the field multiple reports this afternoon at a Major League Baseball made official today informally rejecting the Players Association proposal from over the weekend that was the one hundred and fourteen games proposed by the M. L. B. P. a Jeff Passan ESPN says Major League Baseball is not countering Passan says that brings the possibility of it implementing a fifty game season into play can Rosenthal of the athletic reporting that as well so we wait and see John was elected cardinals president of baseball operations earlier this week and camel acts on the importance of this week if we want to salvage a season in agreement needs to come pretty shortly so when you talk about the importance of this week I think it's it's an understatement I certainly feel like there has to be some momentum to get something done but it will be some real tell tales early on in the week if if that's going to be possible the Xerox manager the National League manager of the year Mike Schultz will play I'm still confident that you know the patients making you required it's you know when you miss something you love it it's harder to be patient with it but you know it'll make that much more sweeter when we're able to take the field.

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