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Yeah and i apologize. Because i think i'm using an adblocker but i will turn it off. It's gotta be tough now. Do ad-supported stuff. I know it's tough us. That's for sure That's why we started club twit because we really wanna explore having Our listeners and viewers supporting us directly rather than going through advertisers. Tim stevens road show is your show. It's a scene it is. Can i say podcast is that a bad word is the whole site within. We've seen society. Yeah so there's videos but here's your review of the coon tash which is piemontese for. Wow i have learned. Now thank you. Yes yes a hell of a thing. Yeah so so. If you're into cars this is this is the site for you obviously pretty cool and are you still doing the racing the ice racing and all that. We haven't had enough ice in a long time for that. We've thank you. Climate change for ruining the greatest form of motorsport on the planet. But hopefully maybe this season we will but getting into rally crossing a little bit more. And i just had a really fun time. I got to drive honda's indy-car stimulator in indianapolis so basically who assume that all the pros get to train on. I got to go driving that thing full motion and everything. What fun so that was pretty awesome. Oh i love indy. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. You don't have ice in upper new york state. Yeah yeah we even had some lakes lined up on the canadian border and even they didn't have good enough ice this past winter because club that i've been racing with has been doing ice racing for sixty over sixty years now and they've had exactly two seasons without enough ice for racing and those have been the last two seasons. So if you if you're still not a believer in climate change They're being those are too thick to nor but it is really important for me. 'cause leeson are trying to figure out. Where do we move in climate change. Actually david pogue has a whole chapter in his book about that and And i love upper new york state but said at least at the winters are miserable. But maybe not.

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