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It's probably gonna spread a lot and even though we were playing on opposite sheet so we weren't playing next to each other. We were playing on opposite sides of the ring to keep a distance to the The women's or the women's to us. So i think they. The organization did a great job at providing the means. We have to be cautious for not getting positive but have anyways so are you the of symptoms odds are are you are you sick dislike positive tests in your as symptomatic while i was very sick for i've just been out of team for the last like two and a half days so i was sick from monday so sunday. We were sent home monday. I had the fever headaches Yeah really bad for like three or four days now three days yeah and then just slight headaches and now at the moment i don't have my sense of smell but that's it and i know that it's impossible you know basically based off of you guys don't have the the resources that say a curling candidate the so it wasn't possible to do the bubble environment that they're going to try to do in canada for their championships but you know it. It looked like cases. Were kind of on the rise in denmark at least compared to how it was before in denmark. You guys have done remarkable so far At combating this virus but it did look like cases. Were kinda on the rise heading into the event. Was there any discussion to possibly postponing it. As the number of cases were rising there in denmark so first of all i think the rising up the cases we have in denmark right now or it's actually going down again at the moment but let's get up to the weekend. The government says that the rest of the most young people from the age of sixteen to twenty five. They get tested before christmas. So a lot of out a lot of tests was going on at the same time as thera- getting more positive answers because more people were going getting tested so i think it's not because denmark were doing worse but more likely that more people were getting tested especially more young people who party and stuff which they shouldn't but they did Which is a big problem in denmark like some done at home to another friend thousand still party on even though they shouldn't so i think that's why we're getting a lot of positive tests from the young people of denmark so we did discuss in our team that it would be nice if we could have propo- price cone the event but we thought like rather now than january wouldn't make a difference if we were still get sick. The only difference would be christmas. Wouldn't be around the corner. But we wanna have christmas that we want to go to the world championships. So obviously you said you just quarantined. I guess that that just completely ruined whatever plans you had for for christmas. Yes i was going to be with my family. But it's just me and my girlfriend at home basically the couch. The appetite isn't really what you wanted to be on christmas eve so we didn't eat a lot but would just like every had a nice suit call with our families and open presents together. We do that christmas eve christmas morning. So we did that. He's had some food delivered. Mostly i only made made some of it ourselves. My sister came in handy and made a lot of the food flores. That was nice but sadly christmas wasn't but it's noli.

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