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The high. Thirty five degrees. The creator of one of the most popular kids shows on TV has died. The study of its first grade SpongeBob, Patrick, I'm sorry, I doubted you the creator of the TV series SpongeBob squarepants Stephen Helensburgh has died due to complications from a LS. According to a release from the Nickelodeon television network Berg who was fifty seven an ounce in two thousand seventeen he was suffering from the neurodegenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig's disease SpongeBob as it is also known officially premiered on Nickelodeon in July of nineteen Ninety-seven and this year aired its twelfth season. I grab at Patrick. That's the name of the restaurant. A feature film called the SpongeBob. Squarepants movie was released in two thousand four with a sequel in two thousand fifteen I'm John Stolnis. And now it's time for money. News on KYW went up day on Wall Street Tuesday. Now, here's a preview of Wednesday's markets. The government revisits its earlier estimate of how the economy performed over the summer before the markets opened this morning reports on sales of newly built homes mortgage applications and crude oil supplies are also on the way today trade is back on the front burner for many investors ahead of the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Simon French pan Moore, Gordon tells Bloomberg radio we have heard a lot from the White House, but China has played things close to the vest. What we haven't touched on the Chinese is whether any concessions going to be made it again to delay or indeed eliminate the idea of further round off tariffs. French says the ball is definitely in China's court Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell address the economic club of New York today and several retailers will post quarterly results. The list includes Tiffany and company, dick sporting. Goods Chico's FAS lazy boy j Jill and Burlington stores with money news from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Jeff Bellinger. Well, this is kind of a money story, the world's largest port company is teaming up with a big utility company..

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