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Markey's penalty said he's going to be out there Wednesday, if you're telling your mates. Yes, I'll be back for week one and maybe also did tweet out. When he announced that he would be back for week one. Are the way things change from time to time. And from the time that lady on bell said he was going to be back for week. One of until we actually getting here maybe later on bill's agent when is it was in his, you're saying, look at what happened to DeMarco Murray tomorrow, Murray and his fourth year where the Cowboys three hundred ninety. Two carries also had, I think over fifty receptions Cowboys went into that sees a new. They weren't bringing him back. Tomorrow, Maury place, three more seasons after that about eagles season. And then I've decent actually take a look DeMarco Murray and his stats after he left out. And I mean Margaret, Mary still young, he's only thirty. I think at this point is life. Let me see. Actually if I find that out is boarded eighty is about thirty thirty right now. Miller it that year with Dallas made the all pro team pro bowler three hundred ninety two carries eighteen nearly after the one thousand nine hundred forty five yards. Thirteen touchdowns average one hundred fifteen yards per carry sixty four targets as far as the ball being thrown dome. Condit fifty seven times four hundred sixteen yards. No touchdowns there. Two thousand fifteen. Obviously that didn't work with the eagles letting it was just a scheme fit two thousand sixteen. He runs for nearly thirteen hundred yards night nearly ten touchdowns got him nine two hundred ninety. Three carries a year like that made you still got a lot left in the tank. If you're running for over thirteen hundred yards made the Pro Bowl that year two thousand seventeen Derrick Henry emerges. They split time DeMarco Murray runs the ball. One hundred eighty four times six hundred fifty nine yards six touchdowns that's it wasn't like DeMarco Murray was bad. It was just they were splitting time when you tell they wanna. Derrick Henry to be the guy DeMarco Murray's out not picks them up. I do think. A lot of it had to do with the fact that now is about thirty in looking at that work low with Dallas that hurt, maybe on belt doesn't want that if you get to work load like that, you think he's gonna make as much money as he can. No. So if you're lady on Bill, why not sit out as long as you can and it seems like those game checks forfeiting aren't really hurting too much. So continue to sit out and I guess basically wait till it's time for you to actually back to become a free because I think he's gotta be back by about week eight or week nine in order to become a free agent the following off season. I mean, if you Pittsburgh, no one's really talked about this option, but Pittsburgh, Kansas. Pay him for this year. Give him one near deal, whatever he wants n n be done with it..

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