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George. Herbert walker? Bush looked at America with the vision. I want a kinder and gentler nation a one term president. But what a term the Soviet Union fell. The Berlin Wall came down Sodom Hussein driven from Kuwait. The day of the dictator is over not to mention the Americans with disabilities. Act signed by President Bush and for only the second time in American history. A former president became the father of a president really impossible to describe how it feels to have one of your children become president of the United States. That was just one of the many team efforts of George and Barbara Bush. A very very happy life. A lifelong love story. They died within months of each other Barbara Bush was the emotional rock of the family during and after her time at the White House. She promoted her main passion reading to children. This is my friend, MRs Bush. Hello nice to see you again big bird while Bush, forty one's wartime hero IX came during World War. Two two decades later another airman was shot down over North Vietnam and taken prisoner. Then I found myself falling toward the middle of a small lake in the city of Hanoi with two broken arms, broken leg. An angry crowd waiting to greet me enduring torturous years in the notorious Hanoi Hilton. But John McCain survived and went onto serve Arizona and America in the Senate. I have not been voted miss Congeniality in the United States Senate every year, and he was the two thousand eight Republican nominee for president Americans want progress. Now, he called his campaign bus, the straight talk express. That's the bottom line because John McCain said so also from the Vietnam era American forces radio network personality Adrian krone, our who's broadcast opening became a Hollywood movie..

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