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On the fight to stop the spread of the corona virus from the administration's covert nineteen task force this is the number of confirmed cases a daring twenty thousand in the United States with at least two hundred sixty deaths a growing number of states following California New York's leading requiring nonessential workers to stay home concerns among experts that if the rate of infection isn't slowed soon hospitals could be overwhelmed New York governor Andrew Cuomo if you look at any World Health Organization or the N. I. H. or whatever any of the other countries are saying you have to expect that at the end of the day forty percent to eighty percent of the population is going to be infected ABC news contributor and former homeland security adviser Tom Bossert says it's troubling that the rate of infections has not peaked in Italy we saw and I think a lot of officials did that the Italian curve would start to peak by now applying the Chinese experience we were wrong China was able to slow the rate of infection with strict quarantine restrictions in the hardest hit areas an effort to bail out the U. S. economy and the American worker underway on Capitol Hill senior trump administration officials negotiating a one trillion dollar stimulus package with Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the floor minutes ago Americans who've already been laid off due to this crisis of made it clear they need help and they needed now airline executives warning time is running out the joint letter today telling house and Senate leadership quote and less worker payroll protection grants are passed immediately many of us will be forced to take draconian measures such as furloughs major U. S. airline CEOs have been an ongoing discussions with the White House and Congress this past week on a more than fifty billion dollar bailout thirty six people tested positive for covert nineteen after disembarking from the coast a little bit of a cruise ship Thursday in France the cruise company confirmed that three are U. S. citizens you're listening to ABC news.

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