Governor Nathan Deal, Amazon, Senate discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


To lord that second amazon headquarters to our state governor nathan deal says he is ready to call a special session if necessary to lure amazon's aides q to to the state it would be more appropriate for us to have a tailored special session of the general assembly in order to focus directly on the kind of senate for example that will be necessary to accommodate a magnitude of growth that this particular company will bring with he says there's no point in trying to pass incentives during this legislative session and waste time and what might need to be changed to suit amazon in atlanta sandra parrish wsb key state senate committees taking up the adoption build this afternoon expected to pass its own version that does not include the controversial religious liberty language that stalled the measure last year breaking news first first this is wsb 24hour continuing news there are fears this afternoon that the flu could soon reach epidemic levels doctors say a dangerous rain of influenza is spreading including here in georgia where flu is widespread this year's dominance rain h three into is known to be especially dangerous director of the city's influenza division dr dan jernigan this year the cases that we're seeing or do two h three two which is a virus that whenever it shows up it causes lots of disease lots of hospitalizations lots of cases in lots of deaths some hospitals are setting up emergency tents to handle a high volume of patients while others are dealing with a shortage of iv bags sabrina cupit wsb nother mudslide death of napa valley california man killed by falling rocks it in his car than plunging at one hundred feet down an embankment the slides have killed at least fifteen people as of this afternoon after georges overtime loss to alabama six flags over has got to make good on a bed the park tweets it will then renamed the scorcher rollercoaster the alabama scorcher for it's opening.

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