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Three I What plays number 16, North Carolina at 7 30. You can find more sports online it access Wdun. This just in the Obama snowman now losing to root off 9 to 6 will have more updates as the reindeer games continue. In the meantime, we're five minutes away from nine o'clock, no game here, but the halftime has been signaled. So the first half is over when it comes to open enrollment 65 plus It's over and it yesterday, Robin Templeton's with us at the insurance source. And Robin. That means we're moving ahead with the individuals. So first of all, welcome. Good to have you with us this morning. And what do we need to know? Because we're got another deadline here. In what? Seven days? I guess. Yes. Good morning. How are you doing? Great today. You sound like you are. I am recuperating yesterday with insane about the way I left. I can't go home right now. Don't you try to cross. It was Over the good day. He was always dedicated. See you want to make sure you got it done. So you go after. All right? So yes, I'm now on foot than ever. I've been doing some one individual, but you know, you have to to small time the country for the Medicare style that I try to push that out first, and now I'm rough wrapping up my individual side. Anybody under 60 thought Now is the time we have until December 15th to make sure you're signed up there Ready to go from next year for your health insurance as well. Okay, Very good. So I one of the things that we talked about before I take a look at all aspects of your health care. I mean, we often think of what I want to go to the doctor visit with my co pay. You know what? I'm gonna have to be out of pocket there. But, you know, we need to think about the other things. The prescriptions that can really cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you don't have the proper coverage absolutely, and another key thing on the individual because it was so different from the medication had That left everybody, If you're looking at the marketplace might know When people call it obamacare on the marketplace. You have quite a few options on a mayor that you may not have had last year. Maybe the year before. At the same time. Those options are not always right for you. Some of those companies that you stay on there. You may have a little premium, but most of your daughter's nostrils aren't taking their plants. When they say your name like Blue Cross blue ship with knowing that name for years. My family's always had that West side upon that one. There was not a single disaster that I can find. Ah, hospital just taking that plant. So if you don't sign up for yourself and do this without checking first come January, 1st you no longer consider, Doctor. Yeah, you're buying health care that you'll never be able to use. Exactly for something that's just going to waste is not worth the paper. It's rode on a town like to put it. Um so yeah. Give me a Connell. Let me look at this. We look at your doctors and make sure how you want to say the hospital's medications. Make sure that I thought was in network for you. That's key on those plans. All right, well, let's let's get that phone number out there so, folks and get rolling and get in touch with. You Don't wanna wait for the last minute. Absolutely. They give me a college 775321900. My.

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