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Of law and political science university california irvine saying that if a foreign national donates opposition research to a campaign it's an inkind contribution violating a particular u s law and cites the law but a guy i follow on twitter responds damage lachlan he says we beyond seriously uncharted first amendment ground if merely providing information to a campaign could be criminalised bear in mind that any norris amount of what campaigns do involves receiving publicity and information that nobody reports as contributions there's plenty to find horrifying about trump's trump junior's russian meeting he says maybe focus on that instead of torturing the meaning of the law he said the certainly possible that additional facts that put trump jr in real legal jeopardy but it's those additional facts that matter he says verbal if you hired somewhat to dig up new dirt that could be a contribution if they did it for free or view conspired and advance to have the dnc email hag that's a serious crime we have no ev evidence of that though in some cases receiving stolen property can be an issue though the law generally doesn't just treat stolen from mission that way yeah there's a lot of we have no evidence of that going around here now is ridicules i mean john podesta causes o'neill's to be hacked with they'll give me started on that all right let's talk about a 501 four three three zero zero nine two here on the doc washburn show johnny the n may flower your newsradio one or two point nine karn what's up hey hey i ain't no way you're vibe here going back to the the prompt occupy yeah yeah we're happy people imagining golden showers with crompton supposedly dharma filed but now got the how buying predictable it is ridiculous said it was disgusting that we even had to talk about it or auto news or talk radio and then they found that the whole dossier was fake and now this guy that apparently was emailing donald trump jr china a who came up with the the russian lawyer uh apparently is a guy that that put that whole dossier out there in the first place i i just think they're trying to set up trump jr well well over the i way we are favorite comp buyer mike you here trump and her mark potent wire joy by hard on all of you and then fly morning why by the way above my from.

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