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. Other news we're following here this afternoon, a man accused of killing his father and wounding his mother in a double stabbing was shot to death in Frederick county Maryland this morning. Big votes coming in the U.S. Senate today as lawmakers consider federal protection for same sex and interracial marriages. Stay with us for more on these stories coming up. It's one 48. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s? Back to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Well, it seems like a lot more of you are traveling on the interleukin Virginia that delay continues to grow now from 66 headed past the dulles toll road to Georgetown pike the work in the left lane. Now the work had been in the outer loop, but the delay seems to be easing, not sure if they've managed to pick up that work zone. We do still see the delay on the northbound George Washington Parkway headed past turkey run state of the right to get by that work crew while southbound 95 in Virginia delays out of dumfries headed all the way into Quantico the work in the right lane. No problems along 66 right now, it is northbound 28 that has the delays from Compton and ordway toward new Braddock wrote the left lane gets by the work Georgetown beichner springville road traffic alternates to get through the utility work and king street have been closed near beauregard street for the crash expect to be under police direction. Now, in Maryland, we have the earlier record affecting branch avenue near earnshaw. Everything looks to be cleared up there, definitely not seeing much of a delay in the area. Westbound river road before Bradley boulevard keep an eye out on the right side in case that crash is still there. And the eastbound span of the bay bridge, the right lane of two blocked with the work westbound runs two way traffic, not really seeing much of a delay, however, getting across. The bay bridge. In the district of his rock creek Parkway, near Virginia avenue a single lane gets by the work in each direction, north banditi two 95 heavy passing Pennsylvania avenue. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Your forecast now with chuck bell. Our weather is cloudy and cool for the rest of our Tuesday afternoon, highs today up near 55°, no rain today or this evening, which is good news for your outdoor plans, but it will rain tomorrow. That rain is coming up from the south with a strong southerly breeze. Winds out of the south tomorrow could gust over 40 mph. That's the reason it will

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