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Tax per square foot properties with access to grammercy park to properties a few blocks away without access we even use the same streets that were used in the nineteen o nine decision ultimately we found that over the past decade properties on and off the park of a paying about the same amount in property taxes okay that sounds it eliminates the entire rationale for not taxing grammercy park how much in tax revenue is the city lost and has anyone offered up an explanation as to how this was allowed to happen we don't really know how much revenue the city is lost over the years in part because the city only publishes tax records for the past decade are rough estimate is at the keyholders of paying a little over a million dollars less each year than they shall that figures based on what street easy says the sales premium is for apartments that have park access another interesting nugget we found that many of the properties that now enjoy access to the park aren't even designated that way in the city's tax rolls so the reason this has gone unnoticed for such a long time might be some chance combination of inertia apathy or the tax system itself who says you can't find a good deal here in new york have you talked to any people with access to gramercy park about this i mean how do they feel knowing that they're essentially getting a free perk with that key well we went to the park the other week to find out what they'd have to say we are at gramercy park it's beautiful spring day some people didn't wanna speak to us excuse me miss sorry to startle you where reporters from new york public radio we're doing a story on gramercy park i'm sorry little is something can't talk thank you thanks while we were there we ran into pamela vassal who lived on the part for forty five years it's a really nice neighborhood hideout you know what i mean it's quiet and it's beautiful and you know it's elitist passing but you know discussing in its elitism and then told her about what we are now says an asked what she thought aren't we lucky i mean you know frankly i don't really give a damn you know what i mean what happened when it started with completely different than what it is now i mean when you look at the fact that this area has the highest pollution rate in the city because of all the construction and the movies that are shot here in the trucks that are in the delivery hotel and you know you think his this little bastion of beauty in the middle of all of it so i wonder if pamelas neighbors without access to the park agree with her take on things we wondered the same thing so we went to stuyvesant square park to find out another pretty park indeed it's a few blocks away from grammercy park and it's very different from grammercy in that is a public park so there are children eating pizza people walking dogs people painting neither food nor dogs are allowed in gramercy park when we got there we asked a man who was painting in the park when he thought of our analysis people who have keys to grammercy park or hated by all the rest of his private part why should they have such a thing these days we also met on a maria more the vice president of the stuyvesant park neighborhood association an all volunteer organization that maintains beautifies taivon square park she recited associations tagline for us so i was important neighborhood association.

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