A new story from Noble Warrior with CK Lin


It's delivered in a sense that there's a path to that place because we only have so much time to get there. We can't rush and we can't just take forever to get there it's delivered. It's it's calculated a lot of people. Think that It's spontaneous but it's really not you will in talent or not. Well it's something but it's not everything. It's really about Time in the game. It's about building the assets over time to not try to get ahead of yourself. It's about charting and setting milestones have to be that are signs and indicators that you're on track to get from where you are where you wanna get to and those are the reasons why say at saw deliberate and there's another perspective of looking at this is that full. Potential play is really up a destination. That's always morphing and changing over time. Where your full potential play forty is different than your full potential play at sixty. Therefore we're never quite getting there and staying there. We can get to their moment by moment in. Hold the space providing that we're continuing to evolve in the key here is that you're not adding more to what you're doing so that you're suffocating. Yourself believing more hard will get you there. But as we're developing proficiencies in certain areas were then substituting them for something else. The needs to come in so the volume of engagement stays the same but the sophistication of the level of play is continuing to evolve to higher and higher levels over time. And if we look at this is up progression between different States of being. You could say that you could be a spectator where you're not even on the ladder you're watching from the outside or you could be in the game for the first time new to it then you could aspire to top a field. Top field goes to master. Master goes to champion. Champion goes the full potential player. It's an ascension ladder that if it's a path we choose to be that we can find their way through those different Ascension points along the ladder that will take us to that rarified air. It's one thing to get there. It's another thing to stay there. It's a constant process of evolution that has to be crafted in a very special way to be able to hold that the space indefinitely over time. That's what that looks like. It's not for everybody. People think of full play. Meaning that i have the ability to put maximum into my recreational life maximum into my professional life. It's not like that. But here's the secret to this. Everybody lists if you're going. Remember one thing. I said. Listen to this. Is that when we look at the number of elements in parts that.

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