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Friday in the mid eighties and cooling down in the seventies this weekend. From the Weather Channel meteorologist Scott Lawrimore Wools a 90 with another update. 30 currently 89 at the Lake 92 degrees at Midway and O'Hare Facts, Not Opinions. Use not top. Finally, a national newscast in prime time that makes you think, but not how to think. Watch news Nation Starting Tuesday 87 Central on W G N America, Check your local listings. It's your news your Nation. The unrest continues in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after the police killing of a black man, the police, wounding Wounding of a black man, Jacob Blake over the weekend. Now police in Kenosha have arrested a 17 year old blue lives matter. Supporter from Antioch. Kyle Riton House is charged with killing two people last night during the protests in Kano, separate protests, which have turned violent. Let's get more on his arrest, now from Nick Jail Cell phone video shows a man firing shots in the middle of the street with a semi automatic rifle during another night of unrest in Kenosha, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Kyle Riton House of Antioch has been arrested on suspicion of first degree intentional homicide. Kenosha police Chief Dan Miss Skins says the investigation is still ongoing. And it's unclear if Rittenhouse was responsible for all three of the shootings or if he's connected to a group across this nation. There have been armed civilians who have come out too. Exercise their constitutional right and to potentially protect property where the group's exist. Yes. They weren't invited to come. Miss Skins says. Hundreds of people.

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