Danny Glover, Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner discussed on The Next Picture Show - #092: (Pt. 1) Logan Lucky / Oceans 11


It's a danny glover thought to is looking for aspects to be a danny glover in the bernie mak role in alan arkin in the carl reiner role could work yeah but i have carl reiner and the online at his i mean the the whole practically every rule in this film he was looking for somebody else to do it and you can see the alternate universe version where it's a perfectly good film except maybe for the johnny depp thing 'cause i'm so tired of johnny depp or you weren't you weren't in two thousand one though or uh i don't know my hit pretty early who was for don't don't don't run europe to join nato i i think you're you're pushing your johnny depp fan i i love enjoyed up into i'm just glad i don't have to watch this in 2017 with johnny depp in that area and and have to reassess how i feel about as helena bonhamcarter than any inevitably and aifili roberts weird i wanted to talk a little more about to add suburbs long working relationship with uh george clooney but before we move too far away from its got you were talking about sutter bergen process and his fascination with process and we all jumped in and moved away from that did you any further thoughts on what no i just i think that he has just a nerds interest and craft like there's this there's other there's this day interested in his part in refining is vision in perfecting his vision and in having his films really run like a top like like ocean's eleven does and as firms after that and i think his asserting himself on all these fronts as editor as a so much harder for is just him gaining more and more control over every aspect of the film an ocean's eleven as is such a showcase of like that beijing graf that that that swiss watch quality is legs it's kind of a vain film in a in a pleasurable wages to its or is out there is a big it's a peacock you know of a film that are preening for us.

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