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Lot going on today all is going on today they're swearing on TV with no a little kid all right now yeah why don't get us the update here in a minute before we bring in Chad thought Patrick Kane today on a conference call with the Blackhawks said not so fast I'm counting on the players to return it in the NHL he says nothing is done and it's more than just safety issues in there he actually said there's a long way to go so what if you are counting for sure I mean it may still happen but at it was really good stuff from Patrick Kane we will replay that later in the show because it's important that you hear exactly what Patrick Kane had to say with that regard in you know today and in the last twenty four hours one of the stories band that that the NBA and a lot of the NBA players aren't thrilled with all the rules about playing in the bubble in Orlando and we know what's going on with baseball all right a first round action at the Charles Schwab challenge the colonial Country Club in fort worth Texas Justin rose is still your leader shot a sixty three day that seven under par there is three guys tied at six under par just a shot back Jonathan Vegas Abraham ancer and Harold Varner the third some of your bigger names are still lots still on the course I think they made the turn black most of the bigger names have yet to finish their rounds so should be exciting a lot of a lot of really accomplished players at this event tiger is not there but pretty much everyone else that you would know their name is there can I let's bring in our body Chad Millman last time we saw him was at the Super Bowl before the you know what hit the fan and died chads a Chicago native he worked for many many years at ESPN and he does great work for the action network which is all over gambling and Carmen in your Cup put amount talk football we've had in mind before and that word is Chad you have some golf that's down for today well listen it's great to be on with you guys I've missed you terribly too yes only have things changed since we saw each other at the Superbowl man that has been like the longest for months ever for all of us I think both personally and in our in the greater world but yeah vata golf that you mention Justin rose we have the leader board yeah I bet it is fifty one to one attorney for him answer second place I bet he'd want to win the tournament I can tell you right now yet I made fourteen back on this tournament so far and it was so much fun because I did not buy it every weekend golf better but at the actual network like there are certain sports whereby you guys get really into it golf and NASCAR are two of them we've got this thing called the interchangeable in snack we like those out of that and everyone just sort of decided that if we can now selected that you gather and deliver grew percent cost and never ever did because people were so excited for real sports would you say Chad that there is a an enormously pent up thirst for gambling and people that aren't normally known as gamblers are going to dive into the gambling world because of the lack of sports over the last several months I think that's absolutely true I think it's also true that that you guys get a little I have to do this today but I think it's also true that legalized sports betting is becoming more more of a topic during the pandemic right and there's more more space there saying Hey we're broke maybe we should legalize this because they see that what new Jersey did Stacey would've added did you see what Pennsylvania did and so there's a bit of a of the conversations going on here Colorado even in the middle of the pandemic bunched legal sports betting on the first day brought in more than twenty five million dollars in thirty days where nothing too bad on it said USC in golf channel clearly there's an appetite for and I think a combination of sports being gone and we'll go meet normal people talk about legalizing is is what strategy I'm glad you brought up till now I could maybe get sort some things out with us because when we did talk at the Superbowl I gave you credit because I'll always remember the day that it was legalized in Illinois and and we go to Chad Millman or gambling expert eight Chad did all right get it done today and you're like now this is stupid I don't understand why they're doing it this way it's dumb and then sure enough a pandemic hits so the way Illinois did it was brick and mortar places get first dibs down all brick and mortar places are shut down and now there's no way for the state to make any money on gambling because the apps on all live in and things could you had to register in person so what's the deal with Illinois in are they ever going to get it right well no they're not until they allow unfettered global betting in a competitive marketplace and what Illinois is done is what Illinois always does is it makes the most political decision and I say this as someone who was sitting in my office surrounded by her senior year for every team from Chicago so I say this as someone who love Chicago and loves Illinois but there is no state that screws it up more when it comes to making legislation that could benefit the whole state and makes it more political and more backwards Illinois and once again that's what they've done and they've started the clock on what they call the eighteen month penalty which is basically a monopoly for the local books to be able to control the market so the bigger books like draftkings and FanDuel kids come in for eighteen months and that is bad for you guys it's bad for customers bad for people's state of Illinois if you're on the south side like you're going to Indiana like you don't need to be in Illinois because you can cross over the border and go thank you yet which is what people in your field they go better New Jersey and so we're mobile betting is legal and now New Jersey has been handled last year in the first full year of legal betting their handle was four and a half billion dollars a price two hundred million dollars in revenue into the state and a chat all right that was that all was that all mobile betting or is that combination of of global betting you nobody why don't nobody wants to go to a casino to make their bets like the reason it explodes is because you can sit on your couch yeah right before the game and be like I'm getting the bears a plus seven against attackers today along with the locals right and so like that's how you're going to get it done and Illinois for all the the Syrian political reasons that is because of so much stuff is not gonna have that benefit it's it's really unbelievable and then that that's how you make all these in game plays to I mean it could spur of the moment you're like oh I got a good feel for how this game is going to now all of a sudden it's before the third quarter I want to put on the baton you just can't do that on your couch well isn't that the way it Chad I mean look like Sylvia we've had this conversation so he said when the football season comes he'll go with some friends to one of the local casinos and set the sports book and make some plays and.

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