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Create your dream engagement ranked. I'm Roydon Shane fourth-generation jeweler militia are lead designer most people don't realize this. But other jewelers in the bay area. Stock the exact same ring styles as each other. There's nothing unique about them at Shane company. My design team creates exclusive rings in every price range rings that you'll never find anywhere else. We have over a thousand styles including dazzling halo rings, symbolic 0 rings detailed vintage rings, really anything you could possibly want. You'll have fun choosing your favorite ring style. And then you get to customize it with the center stone that really speaks to you and fit you budget. Choose from the largest selection of loose, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in every size, shape and color. Shane company engagement ring is easy to love because it's unique and you created it. Now, you have a friend in the diamond business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Who else wants to discover how to? Vast in cash flowing apartments without dealing with a single tenant. Join us for a fast start to our free training event. And discover a proven system created by a landscaper who went from mowing lawns too controlling over eight thousand units, you'll discover how to safely invest in apartments using little or none of your own money. How to create a monthly passive income stream that will allow you to retire in as little as three to five years. Ari mentor, the experts in apartment investing education for over fifteen years, we'll be in the bay area sharing this unique system be one of the first thirty callers now to get your seat at this class free. Call eight hundred six to one fifty nine eleven investing in apartments requires little money down and low risk if trained properly learn the secrets from the experts at Ari mentor, just two hours, call eight hundred sixty one fifty nine eleven and one of the first thirty callers at eight hundred six to one fifty nine eleven you have nothing to lose and a legacy to gain. So call eight hundred six to one fifty nine eleven. Got a big important project hanging over your head. Do you need help you need experts, and you need the now I've got your answer up work a website of expert. Freelancers ready to crush that project and the one after that from copywriters, and you ask designers to web developers and data. Scientists take that one perfect freelancer or a civil your dream team post your job for free and hear from qualified candidates within minutes. Hire freelancers make things happen at up work dot com. NBR's San Francisco. A Cumulus station. A group of boys.

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