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The ones who get it done. Clark missed the 2nd 30 to 29, Virginia. 17 38 to play Santa Claus has it on the right wing. Downloaded Wilson Bounce feed to make J It's poked away by Murphy and again Stolen by Sam Houser. Great help Defense Murphy on the weak side sank back into cover. Rice transfer making impact defensively down the left baseline. Beekman driving kick Murphy Now with a three pointer, he cranks off the mark. Rebound. Preston Preston wheeling into the forecourt to the right wing on Ben Rodrick Fandor, plus 30 ft, away from the bucket right wing. Left handed dribble with tough watching. Hand it off to Preston left out of the floor, guarded by Beekman Preston cuts to the right out to Rodrick Deep three right wing. That plane's off the front of the rim offensive rebound. London today going back up from the right side and he's fouled foul will go against J. Huff. And for help. That's number three. And Tony Bennett turns immediately to his bench will send on a sub London weekdays at the line, and he hits the first day of 79% foul shooter facing more cell comes in for J Huff, which in your going small at the moment, definitely small and so Ohio now wants to take advantage. Ralph Wilson with the size and low post on the offensive end. Today. Second one in the air front backboard and through Ohio within a 10.32 31. We play three minutes here in the second half in Bloomington. Mark into the forecourt on the M in March to house or left side of the logo Top Beekman over the more cell on the right wing Marcel gave Virginia good minutes in the first half. Out of the house is short corner, right jacks up the right attacks for the left. Following over. Vander Plaats 10 ft in the lane. Good. Sam Houser. First team, all SEC for a reason that was real good move, drove middle face like he was coming to reverse and run right back to the middle of the fadeaway. 34 31 Cavaliers Wilson chaps with the right. He's doubled by Murphy and Hauser. Gifted ups Get past right side. Vander Plaats back to the left corner. Ben Rodrick down the baseline, He stepped out a turnover. This one we've seen today, but we've seen quite a few students here and there's something about the near left corner. Seem at all three days now. Here like you're saying the near left corner on the sideline and the right in on the basket. Shoot. That's right there. You got it sorted. There's a breeze. Somehow your basket tour right And there's a problem with the baseline here left 34 31, Virginia, four minutes gone by.

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